Perfect gifts for the one you love! The boxes are for local ordering only. We do meet or deliver for a nominal charge. *Classic Dozen Berries- One dozen chocolate dipped & drizzled strawberries *Half Dozen Drizzle- six strawberries dipped and drizzled in chocolate, two chocolate covered Oreos and four pretzels rods *Classic Dozen w/ Turtle- eight chocolate dipped strawberries & four turtle (pecans with chocolate and caramel drizzle) topped strawberries. *Classic Dozen w/Oreo- eight chocolate dipped & drizzled strawberries & four Oreo topped strawberries *Half & Half- six (vanilla) pink dipped strawberries & six (vanilla) red dipped strawberries *Gourmet Apple Berry Box- two Gourmet apples & three chocolate dipped and drizzled strawberries & 3 Gourmet topped strawberries *Gourmet Apple Pop Box- four Apple Pops (Apple halves dipped and drizzled and/or topped) & two chocolate covered Oreos


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