Are you craving a snack you can enjoy at home, slide in your bag, and take along almost anywhere? Sweet Caramel Desserts Gourmet Popcorn is just the thing you need to fulfill that craving. We offer an array of flavors from sweet, to savory, to alcohol-infused.   Our popcorn is a great choice for a gift to your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Are you having a party and need the perfect favor? We have you covered., we offer custom-colored popcorn to match your theme.
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Our quality handmade popcorn flavors are made to order. Our flavors include some of your favorite desserts, your savory flavors, and of course deliciously sweet flavors.  If you need the perfect gift we have some options for you. We pop our popcorn in small batches so you can get the freshest product. We currently ship within the State of Georgia.

Resealable Popcorn Bags
For optimum taste, your popcorn must stay fresh. Constant exposure to air and moisture will make your popcorn stale. Resealable bags will aid in maintaining freshness longer. These bags are airtight and resealable to protect your popcorn in between servings.

Holiday Tins
2-gallon reusable tins that allow you to choose up to three flavors of your favorite popcorn. The tins are heat-sealed to protect and maintain freshness. Our tins are lined with a quality plastic liner to add an extra layer of protection.

32 oz heavyweight reusable container.  Available during pop-up or sales events.